“A well regulated militia being
necessary to the security of a
free State, the right of the
People to keep and
bear arms shall not
be infringed.“

The 2nd Amendment

Welcome to Big Tex Firearms

Big Tex Firearms is a Texas-based firearm dealer and gunsmith, servicing the Austin / Round Rock / Cedar Park area. We provide the best in firearms, accessories, service, and advice to the most discerning customers — and we do it a reasonable price.

We sell a broad array of new, used and antique firearms, including: handguns, shotguns, and rifles. As an NFA/Class 3 dealer, we also deal in machine guns, short barreled rifles, silencers, and other exotic NFA/Class 3 items. If you can legally own it, we can get it for you (all NFA rules apply).

Our gunsmith's shop handles general firearm repair, firearm restoration & refinishing, and a number of specialized services.

Firearms, Accessories, & Ammo

Big Tex sells a broad array of new, used and antique firearms, including: handguns, shotguns, and rifles. As a class 3 weapons dealer, we also deal in machine guns, short barreled rifles, silencers, and other exotic Class 3 items. If you can legally own it, we can get it for you (all NFA rules apply).

We maintain relationships with a number of firearm manufacturers, including Barrett, LWRC, Rock River, Bushmaster, Springfield Armory, Advanced Armament, Gemtech, Kimber, Remington, Smith & Wesson, Mossberg, Glock, Para Ordnance, STi, and Ruger — just to name a few. This list is growing every day. If you want something from a manufacturer we haven't listed, drop us a line.

While Big Tex does maintain an inventory, we do not operate a public showroom — operating primarily as an internet-only storefront. This significantly reduces our overhead and allows us to keep our prices low, which we're sure you will appreciate. We offer all new, unmodified, firearms at 10% over whatever it costs us. This is about as low a price as any dealer will give you. Any slimmer a margin and we would be operating a charity, not a business. Due to Minimum Advertised Pricing rules set by most manufacturers, our price is often too low to post publicly without getting us into hot water. For this reason, we request that you call or e-mail us for quotes on all new firearms.

Firearm Transfers

Firearms can only be shipped to someone who holds a valid Federal Firearm License and provides transfer services, someone like Big Tex. Big Tex Firearms provides inbound and outbound firearms transfer services for the Austin/Round Rock/Cedar Park area.

Note: You do not need someone with an FFL to transfer a firearm to another individual for you, so long as the transaction is conducted in person. However, you may want to insist on using an FFL if you are uncertain as to the character of anyone you might be selling a firearm to.

Inbound Transfers (Non-NFA)

Big Tex handles transfers of firearms to you, from another party outside the Greater Austin Area. For new customers, the first transfer is $50. For existing customers and their referrals, transfers are $20 per gun. You will need this service anytime firearms are going to be shipped to you, such as when purchasing firearms online.

What we need:

  • Proof of a valid Drivers License or State ID
  • Your name, phone number, and e-mail address.
  • The name, phone number, and e-mail address of the person or business you purchased the firearm from.
  • The make and model of firearm(s) purchased.
  • Your receipt or order number, given to you by the seller (if available).

How it works:

Once you've provided us with the information required, we will contact the seller provide them with a copy of our FFL (Federal Firearms License). When the seller has confirmed the validity of our FFL and processed your payment, they will ship the firearm(s) to Big Tex. When we receive the firearm(s), we will contact you and arrange a time for you to come in and fill out the paperwork. If you do not have a Texas CHL (Concealed Handgun License), Big Tex will conduct a NICS (National Instant Criminal Background Check System) background check, as required by law, to confirm your eligibility to own a firearm. The transfer cannot be completed without NICS approval. If you have a CHL, the NICS check is not necessary. You pay us the $20 transfer fee and we send you on your way with your new firearm(s).

If you know you are not eligible to own a firearm, do not attempt to transfer weapons through us. This causes headaches for all parties involved and you will not get to take delivery.

Outbound Transfers (Non-NFA)

Our outbound transfer service is appropriate when you must send firearms to someone else outside the Austin area. We handle outbound transfers at a rate of $25 per gun plus applicable packing and shipping costs.

What we need:

  • The name, mailing address, and phone number of the FFL licensee providing the transfer service on the receiving end. Firearms are not authorized to be shipped to individuals that do not have an FFL.
  • The name of the person you are shipping to (if other than the receiving FFL licensee).
  • The firearm(s) to be transferred. The firearms should be packaged for shipment.
  • Do not have any markings on the outside of the exterior packaging indicating that a firearm is enclosed. If your firearm(s) are not packaged properly, Big Tex will charge you an additional $10 per firearm for packing them properly.

How it works:

Big Tex will inspect your package to ensure that it is suitable for shipping, according to federal regulations. Your package will be weighed to determine shipping costs. At this time, you will pay the transfer fee, applicable packing and shipping fees. Big Tex will then contact the receiving FFL licensee and obtain a copy of their FFL. Once we have verified their FFL, we will ship the firearms to them.

Class 3 Weapons

The National Firearms Act (NFA) of 1934 established a classification called Title II Weapons, which included: machine guns, short barrel rifles, short barrel shotguns, silencers, and "Any Other Weapon" (AOW). The NFA dictated that civilian owned weapons of this new classification be registered with, and regulated by, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (BATF) and that a $200 tax be collected to register each NFA Title II item. The Gun Control Act of 1968 created a restriction on entering foreign-made machine guns into the BATF's Title II weapon registry, effectively making it illegal for civilians to own newer foreign-made machineguns. The Firearm Owners Protection Act (FOPA) of 1986 established a moratorium on new entries of machine guns into the BATF's Title II weapon registry. When Ronald Regan signed the FOPA in 1986, the number of registered machine guns, that are transferrable to civilians, was frozen. NFA Title II Weapons that remain transferable to civilians, despite the growing pile of legislation, are commonly referred to as Class 3 Weapons.

So, you want to own a machine gun?

Of course you do! What sort of patriotic American, let alone Texan, doesn't? Most people don't even know that they can legally own one. While there are a few more hoops to jump through, the purchase of an NFA item is accessible to just about anyone who can legally own a garden variety rifle or handgun. The process requires that you have a clean record, be able to follow instructions, and have the patience to wait a couple of months for your transfer to go through. It's really not any more painful than getting a concealed handgun license.

The only real barriers to owning a machine gun are availability and the exorbitant cost. Given that there is a fixed supply of machine guns in existence and a growing population, demand for transferrable machine guns is quite high. The demand for fully transferrable machine guns has driven prices through the roof. For example, a transferrable M-16 might cost you $16K or more, while a government agency can buy a newly manufactured one for less than $1K. At today's prices you're going to pay a minimum of $3500 for a transferrable machine gun.

The restrictions on Class 3 weapons are not likely to ease up any time soon, quite the opposite, so the prices are going to keep moving skyward. These weapons are thought of by most as reasonably sound investments. They are also a hell of a lot more fun that stocks and bonds. Don't you think it's time you "diversified your investment portfolio"?

Machine guns you can own as a civilian

  • Any machine gun manufactured in the USA and entered into the BATFs Title II registry prior to the enactment of the FOPA in 1986
  • Foreign firearms re-manufactured into machine guns in the USA and entered into the BATFs Title II registry prior to the enactment of the FOPA in 1986
  • Foreign made machine guns that were entered into the BATFs Title II registry prior to enactment of the GCA in 1968.
  • Deactivated war trophies that were registered prior to enactment of the GCA. These can be reactivated after payment of the $200 NFA tax and approval by BATF.

What is considered a machine gun by the BATF varies widely depending on a number of factors. Generally, the receiver of a firearm is what carries its serial number and constitutes "the weapon". Everything else is just parts. Sometimes, it is not the receiver of the weapon that is registered as a machine gun, but rather the fire-control components that make it shoot fully automatic. It is not uncommon for sears, bolts, or other parts to be registered as machine guns. In many cases, registering the parts is preferable to registering the receiver. Small parts, especially drop in parts, can be secured separately from the rest of the weapon and can often be used in conjunction with newer firearms that are backwards compatible with the older parts. Don't expect registered parts to be cheaper than registered receivers, just because they're smaller.

Other Class 3 Weapons

Aside from machine guns, the NFA Title II classification includes silencers, short barrel rifles (SBR), short barrel shotguns (SBS), destructive devices, and Any Other Weapons (AOW). While these other types of NFA Title II weapons are still subject to the $200 NFA tax and BATF registration, they are subject to fewer restrictions (for now) than are machine guns, making them much more accessible to civilians.

As a Type 07 FFL with Class 02 and 03 SOT endorsements, Big Tex can manufacture and sell transferrable SBRs, SBSs, AOWs, and silencers to your specification (sorry, we don't deal with destructive devices -- grenades, mines, RPGs, etc...). We also sell Advanced Armament and Gemtech silencers.

NFA Definitions

Short Barrel Rifles (SBR)

The SBR category includes any weapon with a buttstock and either a rifled barrel under 16" long or an overall length under 26". The overall length is measured with any folding or collapsing stocks in the extended position. The SBR category includes any rifle that came from the factory with a buttstock that was later removed by a third party. The SBR category also includes any weapon that is specifically identified as a rifle on the receiver but when fully assembled has a barrel or overall length that would classify it as an SBR.

Short Barrel Shotguns (SBS)

The SBS category includes shotguns with a smooth bore (un-rifled barrel) under 18" or an overall length under 26". Just like SBRs, the overall length is measured with any folding or collapsing stocks in the extended position. The SBS category includes any weapon that came from the factory with a buttstock that was later removed by a third party. Smoothbore weapons that came from the factory without a buttstock, never had any type of buttstock installed, and meet the length requirements for a SBS are classified as AOWs.

Any Other Weapon (AOW)

The "Any Other Weapon" category is a broad category used to regulate any number of weapons which the BATF sees as deserving of registration and taxation. The AOW category differs from other NFA categories in that the NFA tax on AOWs is only $5 instead of $200. AOWs are also not subject to BATF approval before being transported accross state lines.

AOWs include:
  • Smooth-bore pistols
  • Pen guns and cane guns
  • Short-barreled weapons that do not fit the SBR or SBS profile
  • Disguised firearms
  • Firearms that can be fired from within a wallet holster or a briefcase
  • Handguns with a forward vertical grip


Silencers are any portable device designed to muffle or disguise the report of a portable firearm.

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